Indibet terms and conditions

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Once You (as defined below) click on “Submit” or “I accept”, or when You use the Services, an enforceable contract relating to these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter ” T & Cs ” ) is concluded between (a) You, the end-user (” You “), and (b) INDIBET, “Us”, “Our” and/or “We” means Eight Star B.V., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Curacao, and having a registered office address at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Curacao.


INDIBET is an operator of online games and sports betting approved and controlled by the Regulatory Authority for online games.

Our services are available on our official website (the “Indibet Platform”), and from any other internet or mobile platform that We operate (each site being individually referred to as a ” Platform ” and collectively “Indibet”) and which You allow access, via Your Account as defined in Article 1, to Our gambling services, betting and chance, including, without limitation, the Sports Betting Services and the Gambling Services Circle, as defined below (the “ Services ”).

We invite You to carefully read all of these documents, each of which is an integral part of the contract between You and Us. In the event of a conflict between these T & Cs and any of the rules of the game or any other document mentioned in this document, these T & Cs shall prevail. 

If you have any questions about these Agreements, We recommend that You seek legal advice from independent third parties. Also, We invite You to read Our Privacy Policy, then agree to how We treat and protect Your personal data. To Contact Us, please refer to the information provided on the Contact page of Our Site.


Sports betting services are the services that We offer through our website and any other sports betting platform that We may create, if applicable (collectively the “ Sports Betting Services ”).

  1. If You use or wish to use the Sports Betting Services, You must comply with the provisions of these T & Cs regarding the Sports Betting Services. To use certain Services, You may need to download and install software provided by the relevant Platform.
  2. By using Our Services and/or by declaring that You have read the Contracts during Your registration and/or by clicking on the “Submit” or “I accept” button when installing any of the software associated with the Services provided via the Indibet, or when creating Your Account, You agree to be bound by the terms of said Agreements. You also acknowledge that any breach of this commitment may result in Your exclusion, the closure of Your Account, confiscation of funds and/or legal action against You, as the case may be, in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts. 
  3. You acknowledge that if You accept the terms of the Agreements, We will immediately begin providing You with the Services. Consequently, if You accept the terms of the Contracts when You register for the Services, You will not be able to cancel Your registration thereafter, but you will nevertheless be able to terminate the Contracts and close your Account.


You may only use the Services if You are 18 years of age or older (or the age of majority in Your country if that age is older) and if the laws in Your country allow You to do so. The use of the Services is in particular prohibited by minors, even emancipated individuals, legal entities and persons subject to a gambling ban.

We will ask You to prove Your age and Your Account may be suspended until You have presented satisfactory proof of Your age. You acknowledge that We cannot provide You with any legal advice or guarantees and that You alone are responsible for ensuring at all times that You comply with the laws applicable to You and that You are fully authorized to use the Services.

Without limiting the scope of the foregoing, access to Our Services may be restricted in certain countries. You use the Services at Your own initiative, at Your discretion and at Your own risk.

You are prohibited from having more than one (1) Account associated with Your identity for Your use of the Indibet Platform. If you have multiple Accounts with different names, You must contact Us immediately to have these Accounts merged so that You only have one (1) Account. If You open more than one Account or use a Third Party Account, We reserve the right to close Your Account (s). If We have reason to believe that more than one Account has been opened with the intention of defrauding Us, We reserve the right to cancel any transaction related to such attempted fraud.

If You have lost Your username or password, please contact Us to have them replaced.


To use all of our Services, You must first open an account on Our Platform.


You can open an account by choosing a username and password that are unique to You and by providing the other information that We request on Our registration form, such as in particular (but not exclusively) Your first name and last name, postal address, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and telephone number. You will ensure that the information provided during Your registration is accurate, complete, up-to-date and not erroneous.

You can modify some of the information provided during Your registration at any time by accessing Your Account settings. You must ensure that the information You provide to Us when registering matches the supporting documents that You must send to Us.

Please note that the registration process will initially result in the creation of a Provisional Account on the Platform (“Provisional Account ). Please note that You will not be able to transfer any amounts from Your Provisional Account to Your payment account. The right to make transfers to Your Payment Account will be available as soon as We receive and verify the documents.

For more information on the processing of personal data that we implement as part of the Services, please consult Our Privacy Policy. You can also Contact Us for more information.


You can change personal information regarding Your marital status (except Your date and place of birth) or Your postal address that You have provided to Us at any time.

When You modify them, the same verification procedures will apply. You must provide Us with the supporting documents required in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article within 30 days of the posting of this modification. If at the end of this period, these supporting documents are not transferred to Us, We will deactivate Your Account. If within 60 days of the modification of Your information, these documents are not transferred to Us, We will close Your Account.



When opening Your Account, We will ask you to regulate Your playing capacity. This includes setting the total amount of deposits that you can make within 7 days, before your first money deposit, and a maximum total deposit amount that you can place within 7 days before your first bet. You will not be able to perform any game operation until You set these limits.

You can change these limits at any time, however, it is clarified that if these limits are increased, the change will take effect 48 hours after your request is accepted. If you lower this limit, the change will take effect immediately.


In addition, after verifying Your identity by our teams, You will need to set the amount over which the available credits entered into Your Account are automatically paid to You in Your Payment Account.



To play Real-Money Games or place a bet, You will have to deposit a sum of “real money” into Your Account within the limit You have set. These funds will be deposited into Your Account as soon as they are actually received by Us and/or Our agents.

You understand that We may set a minimum and maximum limit on the amounts paid into Your Account based on Your history, deposit procedures if we have legitimate reasons for doing so. For more information on deposit and collection procedures and applicable fees, please see our Payments Frequently Asked Questions.


The transfer of the Cashable Balance from Your Account to Your payment account can only take place if You send Us a document containing the references of the payment account opened in Your Name (“ Payment Account ”). This Payment Account must be an account opened with a payment service provider established in France.

You may request to make transfers from Your Account to Your Payment Account at any time, provided that all payments made have been received. The requested payments will be made by transfer in the same currency as the deposits.

It is Your responsibility to ensure that the information provided regarding Your Payment Account is accurate and up-to-date. We reserve the right to close Your Account if the bank account used to transfer Your Cashable Balance and/or the credit/debit card used to deposit money to Your Account does not match Your name, as recorded on Your account. For more information on deposit and collection procedures and applicable fees, please see our Payments Frequently Asked Questions.


Repayment requests are subject to having a Definitive account, that the payment method used complies with these T & Cs, restrictions applicable to Premiums, and/or Security Controls, as well as any other stipulation of the Contracts. All sums You withdraw are subject to the restrictions and processing fees applicable to the deposit and withdrawal procedures, which We will notify you of prior to receipt. For more information on deposit and payout procedures and applicable fees, please see our Payments Frequently Asked Questions.

We may have to declare and withhold Your earnings in order to comply with Our legal obligations. You will be personally responsible for any taxes due on any winnings paid to You. The Balances cannot be transferred, replaced or exchanged for any other prize whatsoever. The funds You withdraw will be paid by wire transfer.

Payments will be made as soon as possible, however subject to delays due to Security Checks that We may undertake and unless We are required to suspend said payments when applying the Contracts.


We prohibit the use of any fraudulent activity when using the Services. Our goal is to protect Our customers and maintain the integrity of the Services. For more information, please consult Our Policy Against Unfair Practices, which is an integral part of the Contracts, as well as Our Anti-Fraud Policy. 

If a customer is found to be engaging in any form of collusion or any other activity that We believe to be fraudulent, their account may be permanently closed. The account balance, if any, may be seized or retained in accordance with the terms of these T & Cs.

We prohibit anyone from posting prohibited Third-Party Content on Our Indibet (as that term is defined below). For more information, please see Our Third Party Content Policy, which is an integral part of the Contracts.


To use the Services, You will need to send money to and receive money from Us. We may use third-party payment processing service providers and/or financial institutions (“ PSEs ”) to process these financial transactions. 

You irrevocably authorize Us to instruct such PSEs from time to time to process deposits and withdrawals made from Your Account. Also, You unconditionally agree that We give such instructions on Your behalf, in accordance with Your requests communicated through the sections of Our Platforms provided for this purpose.


From time to time, we may offer You, free of charge or as a bonus, sums the amount of which will be credited to Your Account (the “Bonus (s)”). These Rewards can only be used in connection with the Services designated at the time the Reward is offered to You. Acceptance of each Premium will be subject to the additional terms applicable to the respective Premium as they will be communicated to You where applicable and, otherwise, in accordance with the General Promotion Terms.

For Sports Betting Services, in addition to any additional conditions, You will only be able to withdraw the winnings obtained through these Bonuses if you have wagered an amount equal to 5 times the amount of the Bonus and 5 times the amount of the deposit.


You are strictly prohibited from making abusive or insulting remarks on Our discussion forums or on any other part of the Indibet. In addition, You are prohibited from making false or malicious and/or harmful comments concerning the activities of the Group, in any medium or forum whatsoever.

We do our utmost to ensure the safety and security of Our Platforms and Services to all of Our Players. Therefore, We may reject or delete any text, file, image, photo, video, audio content, or other material (“Third Party Content”) posted by You on the Platforms in violation of the provisions of the Contracts.

Any violation of this clause may result in the removal of Third Party Content, a temporary ban from using the Services and/or any other measure that We may reasonably deem necessary to enforce this clause. You will be kept informed of the reasons which led to the application of these measures.

We do not claim any ownership rights in any Third Party Content (as defined above, including but not limited to player images) that You post on Our Platforms. You agree to be solely responsible for any Third Party Content that You post under Your nickname.

You hereby grant Us a license for the term of protection applicable in French law, non-exclusive, royalty-free and worldwide (which includes the right to grant a sub-license) to operate and to make the number of copies that We deem necessary. This is to facilitate the publication and archiving of Your Third Party Content on Our Platforms or in connection with a promotion, in all media known today or developed subsequently.

You warrant to Us that you have full powers and competent authority to grant the above license and that the Third Party Content that You post: 

  1. is not a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties, any other property rights, publicity or confidentiality;
  2. does not violate any law, legislation, decree or regulation; 
  3. is not libelous, commercially defamatory, threatening or unlawful harassment; 
  4. is neither pornographic nor obscene and does not contain pornography; 
  5. does not violate any laws regarding unfair competition, misleading advertising or anti-discrimination;
  6. does not constitute any of the prohibited Third Party Content as indicated below
  7. does not contain viruses, Trojans, worms.

You agree to pay any copyright, fees or other sums of money to any third party resulting from your posting of Third Party Content on Our Platforms.

You acknowledge that the following will be considered (but not limited to) prohibited Third-Party Content, if that content is:

  • Is clearly offensive and promotes racism, fanaticism, hatred or physical harm of any kind against a group or person;
  • Exploits, harasses or calls for harassment of a third person;
  • Knowingly delivers information that is inaccurate or untrue or that encourages abusive, threatening, obscene or defamatory behavior;
  • Shows scenes of nudity, violence or other content likely to offend as well as links to such content;
  • Requests personal information about minors;
  • Discloses information that poses a serious threat to the privacy or security of users;
  • Presents an illegal or prohibited copy of material protected by the copyright of a third person;
  • Broadcasts a photograph or video of a third party without their consent.


The username and password chosen during Your registration request must not be disclosed. You will be personally responsible for the security of the username and password associated with Your Account.

You agree to keep the username and password associated with Your Account secret and confidential and not to allow anyone else to use them. Anyone who identifies themselves by entering a correct username and password will be deemed to be the actual Account holder and all transactions made after the username and password have been correctly entered will be considered valid. 

We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred as a result of unauthorized use or misuse of Your identifiers. If You misplace, forget or lose the username or password associated with Your Account, please contact Us to have it replaced.


  • Bets on instructions (made by bookmakers or betting agents) are not permitted. 
  • Betting on events in which You participate as an athlete, owner, trainer or manager of a participating club or for which You are authorized by a participating person, are prohibited. 

In the event of a violation of these rules, We reserve the right to refuse to pay any winnings or wagers made, as well as to cancel any bets. We do not assume any responsibility for whether or not You belong to any of the above groups. This means that We have the right to take these actions at any time after We become aware that You are part of any of the above groups.

  • You must register your betting requests individually. 

Repeated requests containing the same choices made by the same User, or even by different Users, if We believe they are colluding, may be considered a posteriori invalid and have no effect.

  • We have zero-tolerance for any wrongdoing and fraudulent activity. 

Whenever We have evidence that any person or group of people acts or has acted in concert with others to deceive or harm the Group and/or Ourselves, and/or the Services and/or Indibet, we reserve the right to suspend the respective Accounts. Also, We initiate a Security Check and, if the findings of this Security Check confirm an attempt to defraud or harm the Group and/or Ourselves and/or the Platforms, We reserve the right to void and withhold any profit made by such person or group of people. Additionally, We can cancel and keep Standard Player Points earned by that person or group of people.

  • You are strictly prohibited from posting information or contacting Our customers to offer or promote any offer, product or service.

For reasons related to data protection, security and the fight against fraud, We prohibit the use of the means of communication included in the Services and/or the Indibet (in particular, but not limited to, discussion forums dealer’s table) to offer or promote offers, products or services (Yours or those of third parties). 

By clicking on “Submit” or “I accept”, You agree to the terms of this contract. For any questions, Our Customer Relations Team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.